As an iOS Developer

Hide & Seek

A Safari content blocker to improve privacy when making web searches, that was well-loved and written about in Daring Fireball.


A split-screen writing app for the iPad. This app is now discontinued.


Citron is an LALR parser generator for Swift.

As a Qt Developer


A popular Evernote client for Nokia’s Qt-enabled phones. This app is now discontinued and open-sourced.


A Qt-friendly implementation of Bruce Schneier’s Blowfish encryption algorithm.

Open Source Contributions

  • Calligra: I introduced a few rich-text handling features like drop caps and tab stops to KOffice/Calligra’s word processor.

  • Qt Creator: I added a way to automatically infer whether to expand tabs or not. My contribution was enhanced by other contributors and eventually became the ‘Mixed’ option under Settings > Text Editor > Behavior > Tab policy.

As a C++ developer

vfmd parser

A parser in C++ that conforms to the vfmd Markdown spec, with support for extensions.

Open Source Contributions

  • Webkit: I found and fixed a bug in the content blocking feature in Webkit.

As a spec designer


vfmd is a variant of John Gruber’s Markdown with a unambiguous parser specification of the syntax.