Qt consulting

In 2008, I quit my job at Texas Intruments India to start a Qt consultancy company called ForwardBias Technologies with Girish. Girish had just returned to India after working for TrollTech on the Qt toolkit.

These are some of the stuff I worked on while at ForwardBias.


Girish and myself worked on adding Open Document Format support to KDE’s word processor, on a project sponsored by the NLNet Foundation.

My contributions included introducing drop caps and tab stops to the word processor.

The drop caps feature was particularly challenging, requiring changes to the core text layouting code.


I created a library that can parse SVG snippets into Qt graphics objects.

Hyves Desktop

Girish and I made a photo-uploader desktop application for Hyves, which used to be a full-fledged Dutch social network at that time.

I was the primary developer for a fun photo-editing mode – where you can add captions, filters and stickers to photos – which I demo in this video.