When creating software, I design the user experience, write the code and create a lot of the graphics. I take the effort to make it great software.

Apps I made

  • Hide & Seek: A Safari content blocker to improve privacy on your web searches
  • Bisect: A split-screen Markdown editor for the iPad [Retired]
  • I used to write a weekly summary on the evolution of Swift.
  • I found and fixed a bug in Webkit, thereby enabling content blocking to work correctly in some scenarios (including one that Hide & Seek had ran into)
  • I wrote and implemented a parser specification for Markdown called vfmd.


In the past, I have worked with Nokia, KDE, Hyves and other customers as part of a Qt consultancy company called ForwardBias Technologies. During that time, I created Notekeeper, the Evernote client for Meego-Harmattan and Symbian. Prior to that, I worked for Texas Instruments as an EDA engineer.

Ping me

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter (@roopeshchander) or send me an email (roop at roopc dot net).