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Introducing Citron

An introduction to Citron, an LALR parser generator for Swift

TRAI’s spat with Apple over app access to messages and call logs

India's telecom regulator wants to bring its Do-Not-Disturb Android app to iOS, but a direct port of the app is not possible

Apple opens App Accelerator

Thoughts on Apple's App Accelerator that has just opened in Bangalore.

The Hide & Seek bug that led me to WebKit

While trying to debug a problem with Hide & Seek, I ended up fixing a bug in WebKit.

Sunsetting Bisect

The end of Bisect for iPad

Swifty Responder Chain

Trying to create a responder chain implementation in pure Swift

A dynamic foundation

In which I argue that Swift has a solid base on which to build dynamic features like Objective-C's.

Apple's prospects in India

In the Q2 2016 earnings call, Tim Cook fielded a question on India as a market for Apple. Here's me trying to add some context to his answer.

Thoughts on ads in App Store search

A recent report stated that Apple is considering ads in App Store search results. Here's a thought experiment on how it would work out if it came true.

Responding to TRAI on net neutrality in India

These are the comments on net neutrality that I submitted to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India