Looking different

Feels nice to see Apple not only looking fresh and charged up, but also open and developer-friendly after WWDC 2014.

Apart from making many dev wishlist items come true, a lot of the new APIs enables us to do things that were quite unimaginable before.

Marco Arment:

Rather than shaking up the existing apps, Apple has created vast new markets that are currently empty.

David Smith:

When I left WWDC last year I felt like I had a long todo list of things that I needed to do. … This year is the opposite. I don’t have a todo list of things that I need to do, I have a list of things I want to do.

And, the legal conditions for talking about Apple beta products publicly is now sane. It’s as if a weight is off. Swift and the iOS 8 API are being discussed freely in Stack Overflow. And, many engineers currently working at Apple are actively participating in Twitter, talking about the just-announced dev stuff. And they are not like Developer Relations people, but folks who have actually created the backend for these new APIs.

It’s as if we suddenly realize that Apple has been listening all along to its dev community, but just took it’s time to deliver.

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